Recommendations for your plants


This is a plant that was obtained from specialist nurseries in the propagation of ornamental plants for 30 years have specialized in this work, we guarantee that this plant will accompany you for a long time giving life and happiness to the place you choose to place it.


Preserving a plant that you was presented with much affection, depends only and exclusively for your care, and, therefore, know what needs to have:

  • Light: ensures that the site where the place is well lit by natural light that avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Water: We recommend watering in the morning to cold and hot weather by one day, however the risk is more dependent on observation of how is the plant if the plant is beginning to decline in their foliage or flowers is a sign of lack of water, but no solutions with large amounts of water only to soak the ground.
  • Earth: this is a land that generates fertilized weeds must be removed when observed, to require or want to change the container for a larger one is advised to acquire land fertilized black.
  • Temperature: Avoid extreme temperature changes can irreversibly damage the plant, if you want to make changes in the usual location of the plant trying to choose a similar place in terms of temperature and luminosity.
  • Fertilizing: The fertilizer can be added to the substrate in two ways: in solid or liquid dissolved in water. The only difference is usually the rate of absorption, in the case of the liquids are absorbed faster than solids.

Enjoy your plant and any suggestions do not forget to write your recommendation on our website CONTACTS section.


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