Bonsai Jade - Deluxe

Bonsai Jade - Deluxe

Bonsai Jade - Deluxe

US$ 67.16

Bonsai in luxury pot, this technique of ecological planting allows easy care, its hydration consists of watering the soil without excess of water to prevent the root from rotting, this should be done maximum twice a week or depending on the heat in which the plant is located. 


  • Jade Bonsai in deluxe box. 

  • Decoration and Personalized Card.

  • Deluxe teddy bear.

  • Ferrero chocolate box X8.

  • Antibacterial gel.

Plants to give as a gift on every occasion, beautiful bonsais of the best quality at home from our florist; experts in happiness. 


- This is a reference image.

- Remember that this product is a living being and its durability depends only on the care given to it.

- We only accept claims in the following 3 days after the purchase.

This product is only available in Bogota, it is delivered TODAY if purchased from Monday to Friday before 3:00 pm; Saturdays and holidays before 11:00 am.

If the delivery destination is within the metropolitan area of the city of Bogota shipping is FREE, if it is outside the urban perimeter of the city, please add the additional product SHIPPING EXTRA.

If you are interested in purchasing this product for another city you can validate coverage and delivery times directly on WhatsApp.

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